The “Best of the Best Series” involves identifying the most popular and effective trainers in the area of evidence-based psychotherapy. These trainers provide live and recorded trainings that will become a part of the required curriculum for “ACP Board Certified Psychotherapists.”

Courses by Educators of Excellence of Psychotherapy

The Best of the Best Series features courses you can’t find anywhere else from leaders in the field. 



Trauma-Informed M-CBT Workshop

A fun, self-paced training of Trauma – Informed Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: An Evidence-based Approach for Effectively Diagnosing and Treating Patients from a “Third Wave CBT” Perspective with Dr. Galen Cole.

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Standardized, Evidence-Based

The American College of Psychotherapy aims to raise the bar in the quality of education for the psychotherapeutic community by certifying the Best of the Best educators and courses.

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